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"Best Brows In The World"

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Save 25% - June Special
All Treatments $125 Off
Brows - Eyeliner - Lips $375

Offer Expires June 30, 2023
Book Your Reservation Before I Sell Out

Imagine ...

Waking up each morning with perfect eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. No need to spend time in front of the mirror every morning, you have confidence you already look great. 


Powder Eyebrows and Eyebrows Microblading are the hottest trends in permanent makeup for good reasons. Combined with eyeliner enhancements and lips tinting you have a beautiful look without the morning fuss. Get the best of the best at Jacksonville Permanent Makeup Studio.

Served January 2023

Lips Blush Tattoo

Beautiful Lips

Permanent Makeup Services


Microblading -  Powder Brows - Combo Brows



Beautiful Enhancements


Touch Up Services
Same Price for Brows/Eyeliner/Lips

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1-2 Months Touchup/Color Booster - Brows/Eyeliner/Lips - $120

2-6 Month Touchup/Color Booster, Brows/Eyeliner/Lips - $150

12-24 Month Touchup/Color Booster - Brows/Eyeliner/Lips - $250

How to Find a Great Microblading Artist Near You

Licensed FL Dept Health 55-44-1924899

Certified PhiBrows Artist USA13486

Fully Insured

About Elina Welch

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Elina Welch has been an Esthetician for 18 years and has been perfecting her expertise in Permanent Makeup for 15 years. A perfectionist by nature, Elina has undertaken training by the very best and most well known European Schools in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Most impressively, Elina has achieved the rare and very highly acclaimed status of PhiBrows Artist at the most prestigious Microblading School in the world – Phi Academy.

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