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PhiBrows Pigments

Only available for use by Certified PhiBrows artists like us!

Super pigment sets the standard for the industry:

  • Clean and extremely stable pigment like no other

  • Non magnetized – almost PURE formula

  • No separation of components and without oily film

  • An innovative formula that is not seen as a foreign body by human organisms

  • True to color even on oily skin

  • Shorter healing time

Tina Davies Pigments

The Tina Davies Pigment Collection is a high-quality line of Permanent Makeup Pigments like no other. I use these pigments for Combo and Powder Brows! These pigments never change the color under your skin.

PhiBrow Blades

PhiBrows disposable blades are made of medical quality stainless steel. Made in Europe, not China.

Machine for Powder and Combo brows

Biotek Stilus Evo is a premium class machine MADE IN ITALY. Permanent makeup done with this advanced machine will be painless and precise!

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