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November 18, 2022

The customer arrived and I described in detail the entire process. We discussed what would happen today at the studio, that I would first map the outline of her new brows using the PhiBrows technology, and that I would ask her to approve the shape of her new brows before the treatment. We discussed Aftercare, and the need to be patient and wait for her new eyebrows (which are tattoos) to heal before they achieve their final beauty. I also said a touch up is required to fine tune the shape and appearance. We discussed the color for her new eyebrows and agreed on Navajo Brown LI. I told her that the color would fade over the next few weeks and that her eyebrows would be lighter and more natural looking once they heal.

I have a unique style, and my work in consistent. You can visit my gallery or social media to see my consistency. This client does not understand symmetry or she is a good example of a scammer.

This customer agreed to the shape of her new eyebrows and the pigment color before I performed the treatment. She also signed several consent forms, including statements that she would accept full responsibility for the outcome of her treatment. She has to wait at least one month to see the results. She also gave me permission to publish her pictures on any platform that I own by signing consent forms.

Take a look below at the before and after pictures.  Which eyebrows look like Joker -- the before or the after? I guess the answer is very clear.

Before and After.png
Mapping 1.jpeg
Mapping 2.png
Mapping 1.jpeg
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